Hi Shaun,

Just because a game is text-based doesn't mean it necessarily won't
have any audio at all. I didn't mean to give you that impression. What
I was trying to point out is that I'm not planning on creating an RPG
game as advanced as Entombed with sounds and music for every single
thing just because that would cost an out ragious amount of money for
a game I'm planning to produce as open source,. So sounds and things
like that are negotiable depending on cost of course.

However, I don't see having a few ambient sounds like the sound of a
space station while you are in the watch tower or a background
cityscape as you are patroling one of the cities a big deal. I have
loads of common effects like that. Plus some effects like punches,
kicks, guns, lasers, whatever are more or less easy to come by too if
I wanted to have some background effects included. However, as far as
things like voice acting I think it would cost too much to come up
with anything like that for a free open source game. What I want to
do, if I do it at all, is produce something on a shoe-string budget we
can build together and have fun with it.

Although, I'm not sure exactly why you don't like text games any more.
Personally, although I like audio games I find text-based games have a
lot better plots, story lines, and everything can be described in
detail. Audio tends to really lack this story element and there are
certain things visually that can not be, nore will ever be, conveyed
through audio alone.


On 3/20/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hmmm I am not much for text rpgs anymore.
> Audio is the way to go even if its just generic audio.
> As long as you could play the nes and spc files, etc you could
> probably find soundtracks I have 7gb of capcom and megaman track
> remixes and probably several nes and snes track files floating round.

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