hi dark.
not true.
you can fight in many different matches: tournaments, single, etc.
these games are not only "simulators" on my point of view, why? each
player have his stats(e.g: number of fights won, lost, etc) so you can
have a txt file keeping track of how well you're doing. and since you
can create new wrestlers, you can do everything you want, even for
example create a text file with a elimination tournament and write how
well you're doing. considering that this game was produced in 1990's
it's a very impressive work.
i didn't said that thomas idea of recreating the game with changes
wouldn't be cool, yes, it would.but since we already have 2 of these
games, why not create something else like a expandable text rpg with
more and more content being added to it, creations of users, dlc
content, everything like that.
just my opinion.
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Hi Tom. n

The principle reason the games haven't got database space, is that they
struck me far more as simulators than actual playable games.

What I mean is, you create your own wrestler or use a stock one, create your
own league and matches etc. There is no ability to fight in pre made game
matches, compete for a title, train your wrestler from first to last etc.

therefore, if you were thinking of revamping Piledriver, I think this is
something which might be a lot more fun to add.

Btw, those interested in wrestling generally might enjoy the wrestling game,
an online wrestling game where you get to create your wrestler, train, fight
matches and even invent your own moves.

the fighting, skills and training system in the game I found particularly
impressive, as were the fight descriptions.

see http://audiogames.net/db.php?id=The+wrestling+game

or sign up at http://www.thewrestlinggame.com/

Not my style of game personally, but I was fairly imrpessed with the way it

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