Sounds like a good idea to me. Being open source we pretty much could
have an an original version and branch off from there.

For example, one aspect of wrestling totally ignored in games is the
Women's wrestling. I remember back in the 1980's and 90's some of the
women wrestlers for the WWF and Glow were extremely hot looking. Wendy
Ricter, Sally the Farmer's Daughter, Rockin' Robin, Holliwood and
Vine, etc are as memorable to me as their mail counterparts like Hulk
Hogan and Randy Savage. I don't know what any of the newer WWE women
wrestlers like Eve look like, but my wife says some of them are nice
looking. Unfortunately, I miss the eye candy. Anyway, my point is that
women's wrestling is often ignored in favor of male wrestlers.

For instance, I know I still remember watching Wrestlemania I live,
yes 27 years ago, when Wendy Ricter, accompanied by Cindy Lopper, won
the WWF Ladies Championship. It was really a great match up, was one
of the best matches in Wrestlemania I, and I certainly wouldn't mind
playing a game from a female perspective once and a while. However,
most if not all wrestling games I've encountered are strictly male
only. Kind of too gender specific in my book.

For one thing on WWE there is sometimes mixed gender tag team matches.
If you tag your partner and she enters the ring the other female
partner for the aposing team must enter the ring which by the very
rules usually means you get two completely fresh people in the ring.
This completely goes against normal tag team tactics where you can tag
in and out and soften up one member of the team at will. It totally
changes the strategy and tactics of the match because only male
partners can wrestle mmale aponents and female partners can only
wrestle female aponents.


On 4/5/11, Matheus r.c. souza <an...@bol.com.br> wrote:
> if the game is opensource you could choose to add an editor or add the
> classic wrestlers and theyr story and if in the future you want to
> improve -- or some other user is whiling to add the modern
> wrestlers(since you said the game will be opensource) they can just go
> and program it.

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