Hi Thomas,

So if I would need to uncomment my command prompt support in JFW would that 
mean that you are putting the text of your Windows black jack game in a command 
prompt type text box and not in a Windows text box?

The one problem that I see with your using blank lines to put text where I want it 
rather than having the locate function is, with the locate function you can just put 
text at any row or column that you wish without touching any text already on the 
screen.  Like your game title and name are on the top row and then you can just put 
some text in the middle of the screen.  Now some new information needs to go above 
the middle but below your title and name.  The locate function can do that.  With the 
blank lines scenario it is just scrolling text and rewriting the entire screen each 
time.  I do know though that one can set up fields in a text box and populate them 
with text all over the screen basically doing the same as the locate function.  But 
you know I said an easy alternative to the locate function. <grin>



In any case = In any box ???

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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