Hi Dakotah,
OK, let's take your arguments one by one and put them into perspective.
1. Once a developer claims a game, that game is the responsibility of the developer. That is very true, and is precisely the reason I do not want it redistributed. Since I still retain copyright on the games, in that regard they still have my name attached to them. 2. If, a while later, the developer no longer wants the game up, then make a redistributable release with no contact information and give it to folks who just want to play the game. That is one thing I do not believe in, is releasing a game without contact information. That really annoys me when I download a game, and therefore I am not willing to stoop to that level myself. I expect to be able to contact the developer in the event of a problem. 3. Personally, I love danger city as it gives me a chance, every so often, to kick the crap out of people in a slightly unique way. Well Dakotah, you are the very first person to tell me they like Danger City, and if that is the case then I may, on popular demand, write a new title that employs those fighting techniques. However, as the owner of Danger City, I am not satisfied with its outcome. 4. I feel about that game very much as I feel about MOTA, although frankly I understand how way better MOTA is. You've hit the nail on the head there. MOTA is a much better game, and I hope to better myself based on what I have seen in MOTA. Based on that if I do write this new fighting game, you can rest assured that it will be ten times better than Danger City was (or at least I hope so). 5. The point is this: someone put time and effort into writing a program for people to play. For one person, who currently owns it, to say that they just don't care anymore, so why should anyone else is a serious blow to a reputation that is crucial for a developer to have. I never said anybody else shouldn't care. I never said, "All players of Danger City and Self Destruct please destroy all copies you have and never think of them again". I only asked that they not be hosted or redistributed. If you like Danger City in its current state, you are more than welcome to continue playing it. As for the reputation, the same holds true for the state of the games in question. If I were to keep my old titles up I would have one good game packaged in among several substandard games, half of which I didn't write but now own, if that makes sense.
6. It's poor public relations to say that the games can't be redistributed.
So if a major company such as Microsoft decided to stop maintaining or supporting software, it would be considered bad PR for them to request that the beta of Windows 95 not be redistributed? I know that obviously Windows is a commercial product and legally cannot be distributed anyway, but I'm sure Jason wanted Danger City to end up as a commercial game, and I know if it were me writing it then that's what I would want also. 7. It's poor pr that people whining is the reason for a big mess of more whining. I don't call it whining to be fair. I call it bug reporting. And those bugs get logged. And when I look at my log, which turns out to be nearly a book in length of constant emails of the same bugs, some even repeating previous emails to me in annoyance, I, in return, feel I am doing the best to quieten all parties and taking them down. 8. My vote: make a redistributable without contact info that the people who just love the games so much can grab ahold of and wash your hands of it. Totally unclaim the projects. They aren't yours. End of story. They are still mine until otherwise specified. Yes, granted, the games are bad. But I would like to do similar games and letting go of the ownership is almost like closing the doors, if that makes sense. Put it this way, if I let go of the ownership, I will do so by passing it to somebody else, and I won't just let it go for free like it's something as basic as a packet of sweets. They have to be seriously ready to sort the games out, whether maintaining the current code or rewriting them from scratch. I'm not going to let people fall into the same trap as I have.
Hope this helps.

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