As people might know, I've been doing a lot of work on the
audiogames.net database and something rather odd struck me.
I'm finally adding in descriptions for the azabat games (not the least
because the developer did send me the demo cd about a year ago and I
stil haven't updated them).
Azabat is the only developer of audiogames sold through the rnib.
This is of course because the Azabat's aim, of providing nice old blind
people with easy games to play at exaubitant prices (can you tell I'm not
impressed!), goes along very much with the rnib, an organization who
quite literally don't notice visually impared people under the age of 60 or
so exist, mostly because younger people are less likely to give them
donations in their will, ---- I'm serious! at a so called "information day" the
rnib spent about two hours just talking about will donations to them, ---
and most of the rest of the time saying how great they were providing
"dayly living skills" services"
the amount of times myself, or another member of my family (most
recently my dad in a survay), has given them what for over this,
whether it's about what books they record (sinse their main producer of
accessible books in this country given that the government does bugger
all), or about what services they provide, they really! don't like the idea
that people younger than about 60, or who have interest outside knitting
and braille crosswords exist (I'm serious, there are several amagazines
devoted to knitting patterns alone, but nothing whatsoever on roleplay).
And if you tell them this they ignore you (the survey lady slammed the
phone down on my dad after he'd said this).
Anyway, getting the wranting train under control,my point is azabat,
dispite producing games which are no better (and in many case not as
good), as others around even in the same catagory like the recently
released pontes backgammon (lacking graphics but having online play),
and all of the spoonbill and blind adrenaline type stuff, yet have a huge
record in this country simply! because they have had publicity through
the Royally nasty inhibition of the blind, aka the rnib (oooh, I made a
This doesn't seem correct, but I am now wondering what can be done
about it.
The business of sending myself to site village, the uk tech show didn't
really advance much unfortunately mostly due to booking costs and
such, but possibly a more reasonable organization such as Guide dogs
(who do a lot more than train dogs, ---- I've been skeeing, touring egypt,
cycling and goodness knows what with their holiday crew in the past)
would be open to discussion, especially sinse they do deal with blind
people who aren't the sterriotypical poor old useless individuals the rnib
think they are.
I've already introduced a friend of mine who does voluntry tech support
at a charity for helping disabled computer users in her local area to
audiogames.net and pcs games so she can show people some of the
fun things their computers will do.
When i red The only computer games sold by the rnib" It made me
actually pretty mad, so it's time to do something about it.
Any suggestions for people to contact? ---- I'm not familiar with us or
european organizations, but is there a stink we can kick up?
Action for blind people here (another of the smaller but nicer groups),
did a pole a while ago, maybe it'd be worth seeing if they will do
something else?
Imho this situation needs rectifying, and people need to know there are
more and better developers out there than just Azabat, and games to
appeal to all sorts of tastes.
Beware the grue!
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