The specific reason I mentioned blind adrenaline Che, is that one of the games on the azabat vol 1 cd is blackjack.

it seems amazingly unreasonable to me that people who may be interested in playing card games are being palmed off with a version of blackjack which can only be played offline, which has minimal sound effects, no saved chip limit and altogether virtually no features, ---- but are expected to pay 13.5 dollars to do so (54 dollars for the four game volume one game being blackjack).

Unreasonable I think.

Getting the rnib on board is a dead loss, but I will see about talking to other organizations such as action for blind people and guide dogs.

Also, I'm quite willing to act as part time demonstrator to any given organization or person, so if you arranged for instance a demo to a redistributer or advertizer in the Uk I'd be prepared to head down there with my laptop and show stuff off personally, ---- provided I had something towards travel costs and accommodation.

this offer goes pretty much for any dev in fact.

I'll phone guide dogs and see what I can find out, sinse if Azabat is thought of as the be all and end all in audio games, ---- even just as far as computer versions of card games etc go, something really needs to be done.

Beware the Grue!


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