Hi Tom.

Similar arguements in the case of blackjack can be made about several of their other games, solitare, scrabble, concentration, mine sweeper, connect four, battleships, basic sudoku (though they do sell several other varients), their 54 dollar crossword cds, hangman, and several other of their word games.

Even where the games are! original, it is also often the case that the price required is far more than the game is seemingly worth.

for instance, I'd imagine yourself, Jim, or just about any experienced programmer could quite easily create a game of dominoes with not too much effort (the rules are afterall not so different from uno which there is even an online playable version of).

yet, Azabat are selling dominoes for the same price as blackjack.

However sinse they have the backing from rnib and similar, they are able to sell these things at the price they do without hindrance.

It is not that I tthink all their games are dire, or there modus operandi of markiting to computer novices is entirely without merrit, ---- though imho it's just as easy to run say one of the spoonbill games as it is one of theirs, but it just seems a shame when azabat is the only choice offered and effectively all that people will think of when introduced to audiogames.

This is typical of the rnib of course, when i phoned them for advice about accessible mobile phones, ie, phones with voice over and other screen readers, they didn't know a thing and the only thing they could offer were phones with "big buttons" so tied up in a view of blind people as incompitant that they only stock, promote or advertize products that go along with that view and why I'd so like to see about getting some more promotion of other stuff out there.

Heck, if I'd been looking for accessible games myself and all i'd heard about was azabat, I'd be entirely put off the idea.

Btw, despite my opinions, I am however for the sake of audiogames.net and fairness to write descriptions of Azabat's games as honestly as I can as I have for others.

This is one reason I started with their fourth volume, which contains some of their imho better titles like backgammon and draughts.

Beware the grue!


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