True tom, and this is another reason I'm so anxious to make people know that more than just azabat exist.

The "computer is just for work" thing is actually an interesting, and rather depressing, one.

I myself actually went through a similar notion when I first got my laptop provided by my student grant to do my degree with. In my case it wasn't based upon a moral idea, but on an assumption I had.

I'd obviously played console games for years, and while I knew pc games existed, I assumed most were modern hyper graphical affairs which I myself would find unplayable.

I'd only ever used my computer to essentially do word processing at school, so the idea of playing even textual games was one that simply hadn't occurred to me, in my brain computers and school work were sort of absolutely associated with each other.

if I wanted to play a game, i needed a console.

it wasn't until I heard of the's "games to play online" page that I started thinking that I could actually have some fun with my computer.

interestingly enough though, it was this that also got me playing around with computers and with the net, and trying to work out how to do things, and these are skills I've needed.

For instance, many online brouser games require use of complex page navigation. When i read spinoza online, there were so many references, footnotes and goodness knows what the page was cluttered as heck. If I hadn't been used at that point to using all of Hal's read page commands on a webpage, i could've been rather confused indeed!

There is currently a copy of my thesis saved on sendspace in case I had a fire. however had I not played games, I'd have never heard about file sharing and never had this idea to use it as a backup.

But nobody is going to sit there and practice ways in their spare time of learning how to do their work better, and even if a person has training, the training won't teach them to start experimenting and trying different things out, nor will they be inclined to do so in their spare time.

If computers were just for work, why do operating systems come with preinstalled games like hearts, solitare, pinball etc?

On a moral level, there are certainly cases of people I've heard of who screw over the equipment system to try and get what they want out of it.

The r09 digital recorder I used to make podcasts and such was actually provided by my student grant, and what I use it mostly for is to have people read me gernal articals which I can then record.

Because however I knew I'd be using the recorder for fun, I found the price of the olympus mono voice recorder which would've served exactly my needs for my phd, but would've been no good in terms of making podcasts etc, got my grant to pay that and paid the extra 70 quid or so for the r09 with it's sterrio mikes myself.

So I do have sympathy for this position as it ultimately comes out of a sense of fairness.

However, while I do agree it would be wrong to have a computer bought "just" to play games on, so long as the state are not expected to pay more for your recreation, why not?

does everyone in business delete all games from their operating system? heck, I've regularly seen very professional business type people on trains doing crosswords in the papers.

While I do agree the state has no financial obligation to let you play games, once the computer is bought, the money is spent and the state's obligation is pretty much over and done with.

the equipment is now yours to use for whatever, so long as the state isn't paying more money. What you do with your computer outside work is only your business, ---- you might as well ask all those people who sit on trains why their not working and why they're doing crosswords in "work" time.

this is generally one of the largest differences I've noticed in the atitudes of disabled people. Because a computer is provided for work and training is focused that way, either there is a moral idea, or as in my case just an assumption, tht you don't do anything else with it.

That's also why people fail to practice skills, sinse quite obviously you'll learn to do, and practice something a good bit more if your doing it for fun as well as work.

Beware the Grue!


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