Yeah, I've met a few narrow minded individuals like that. I was at a
blind convention in Columbus one time, and I talked to a few other
blind computer users there about the fact that I write accessible
games and their opinions were a bit odd. One guy told me that since
his computer was purchased by BSVI, I.E. through the state, that it
was to only be used for work and nothing but work. Another common
opinion I found, especially with older blind computer users, was that
games were for younger people. The other Tom said earlier on list he
has encountered this same opinion as well up in Canada so it must be
pretty common among our more senior members.  The thing is even if you
make some of these people aware of the existance of accessible games
not everyone is going to jump for it. There will be some opinion like
"my computer must only be used for work" or "games are only for the
young" that will determine their buying choices.

That said, though, my parents generation, the Baby Boomers, are now
getting up their in age. As Elenor's excellent article for 7-128
pointed out these are the people with most of the buying power world
wide. They are going to start having health issues, especially vision
loss, and the mainstream game industry isn't prepared for this
eventuality. The rest of us who are creating accessible games will at
least have a chance to get a real foot in the door if we can make this
segment of the population aware we exist.

We often forget that it was the Baby Boomers who were in their 30's
when the Atari 2600 and original Nintendo Entertainment System was
introduced in the 1980's. Unlike their parents generation they played
Donkey Kong, Packman, Missile Command, Super Mario, and all the rest
with their kids who are now my age. So now that my parents are old
enough to retire what kinds of games are out there for them to play
that isn't loded with complex 3d graphics, and is fully accessible
when their vision begins to go? What kinds of games are available that
harkens back to the games they know and love like Packman, Space
Invaders, Missile Command, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Time Pilot,
Adventure Island, etc?

Well, we've obviously got some of that available right now. DynaMan is
basically an arcade game in the style of classic Packman. PCS Games
Packman Talks is another great remake for the blind. As for Space
Invaders we have Aliens in the Outback, Troopenum, Dark Destroyer, you
name it.  Since we already have some of the games they are likely to
play it is rediculous that places like the RNIB aren't making the Baby
Boomer generation aware that there are games on par with the games
they knew 30 years ago.


On 4/27/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> not to mention that some blind people refuse to play games in general
> or associate with the wider community.
> One of these is a friend that has quentin c because i have her the
> file but mostly plays with rsgames clients.
> But thats it and only because people gave it to her one day.

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