Hi Philip,

Yeah, I know. That's why I raised the issue. I know eventually there
will be 64-bit compatible voices for Mac, Linux, and Windows
eventually but right now we are in a transformation faze were the
majority of software is geared for a 32-bit environment yet most of
the systems you are likely to buy from any computer reseller is likely
to be 64-bit. So we are a bit stuck when it comes to 64-bit
environments right now, but it won't last forever.

Anyway, you are right. There are games such as Entombed that really do
need direct TTS support like Sapi rather than prerecorded speech. My
wrestling game, I've briefly sstarted working on, is another type of
game that really can't use prerecorded speech for many of the same
reasons. There are several moves, different athletes,  different
combos of things that you can't prerecord because its so dynamic. For
example, you might get an announcement like this.

"Eve Torres is climbing up to the top rope. She springboards off the
top rope high into the air and hits Brie Bella with a flying missile
dropkick to the face. Both women crash to the mat momentarily stunned.
Eve stands back up, but it looks like Brie is still seeing stars from
that dropkick. It could be a while before she recovers from that
takedown from the former Diva's Champion."

Something like this can't be done with prerecorded speech. You can
either print it out as text to the screen or have something like Sapi
speak it outloud, but its too dynamic to record. You can write the
basic text for the move, but replace the names with a variable etc in
Sapi or when printing it to the screen but you can't do that if you
try to record every possible action like that. So I know what you mean
about not taking direct TTS support out of a game or engine.

The other side issue that has really made me start thinking along Sapi
lines is the issue over speed of the voice in MOTA. To me it ssounds
just right. Not too fast not too slow. Yet many potential customers
are saying its way too fast. I don't really have an answer for them,
because if I slow it down to what they want then its too slow for me.
If I leave it as is its too fast for them. The only alternative I see
is to switch over to Sapi or higher an acter to do the menus etc which
I simply don't have the money for.


On 5/1/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I think not including Sapi support just for this reason is the wrong
> approach. We are going to have to add it again eventually as more and more
> voices are released for 64 bit Windows, so better get it done sooner than
> later. Also one must consider the fact that one voice is better than
> nothing. A game like Entombed could still run fine with one installed voice,
> where as it would be nearly impossible to create it with prerecorded sound
> files.
> As for atmospheric speech, we are in agreement. In the case of your game I
> personally feel that it would benefit a great deal by replacing that
> prerecorded tts voice with a real actor, as even a narrator needs emotion in
> this sort of context. I can understand the voice, but I have to concentrate
> a bit because of the speed that it's set to. Certainly it doesn't prevent me
> from playing and enjoying the game as I have started doing over the last two
> weeks, but it would really be a blast to get rid of the tts.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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