Hi Shane,

Uh...Not even close. I managed to find the notes for Jedi Strike on
one of my backup drives, wonder of wonders, and your description isn't
even remotely close. Now, if you want to hear the true plans for the
project here they are.

According to my notes I took these down in 2005. So I was right it was
about six years ago. The game was basically to be a spin-off of the
recently released Revenge of the Sith movie. The game was scheduled to
have about 10 levels and you would play the game using various
characters. For instance, level 1 was suppose to be the starfighter
battle leading up to the attack on General Grevous's flagship. Level 2
you would take control of Anikin Skywalker and rescue Chanceler
Palpatine and fight/kill Count Duku. Level 3 you would take command of
Yoda and lead a strike force to the Wookiee homeworld to battle the
droids there. Level 4 you would take the roll of Obi-Wan as he leads
the attack against Grevous on Megeto where you would fight/kill
Grevous.  Anyway, the final battle would be you playing Yoda vs
Emperor Palpatine. I can say that your description of the game is
nothing more or less than a roomer. Sorry to dissapoint you, but Jedi
Strike was never suppose to be anything like you described.


On 5/6/11, Shane Lowe <shanel...@insightbb.com> wrote:
> Unfortunitly, Dark took down the discription.
> It was like this though.
> The game had 20 to 25 levels.
> In the first 20, you would fight the first ten battle droids, and the second
> half clone trupers.
> Then the last 5 were like this.
> level-21
> You get to fight general grevis.
> level-22
> Fight darth mall.
> level-23
> fight count doku
> level24
> fight darth vador
> and
> level-25
> Fight  darth sidious.
> There were also 3 difficulties. Jedi apprentice, jedi night, and jedi
> master.
> Thanks and hth,
> Shane

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