Hi Jim,

No, they eject the solid rocket boosters and fuel tank separately. The
fule tank is required to give the shuttle enough fuel to reach orbet.
As far as the ejected rocket boosters and fuel tanks I believe they
have a recovery ship try and recover them.

As far as the early space missions they used the Redstone rocket to
lift the Mercury and I believe the Geminiships into orbit. However,
the Apaulo spaceships were much much heavier and they had to build the
Satern rockets to lift them into space. As least as I recall. I'd have
to look it up. Its been a long time since I read books on the early
space missions.


On 5/9/11, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Yes, on the launches they always report altitude, time and down range.  So
> at some time they do not go directly vertical.  I am not sure if the solid
> rocket boosters are ejected at the same time as the external fuel tank or
> before.  Wonder if they recover any of that stuff out of the ocean or if it
> is all at the bottom of the ocean.  Same for the different stages of the
> Saturn rockets which launched all of the Apollo missions.  Not sure if it
> were Saturn rockets for the Gemini and Mercury missions though.

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