Hi Dark
Thanks for your comments.
Long ago I sent bsc games an e-mail to ask them if they could give me a copy
of the game with no encryption restrictions, as its not possible to mod the
game as it is.
I told bsc games about my situation, that my mom  have this house rules of
no shooting games.
I pledged to them that I will, under no circumstances,  distribute any mods
if they give me a copy with no sound encryption.
Tom explained to me that for  the game to work propperly, the sounds needs
to be encripted, 
But tom said he will take my request to the programmers but I haven't heard
anything back from them.
And the reason why I miss it to play pipe2, as pipe2 has got toolboxes to
crack and side scrollers which classic pipe does not have.

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To be honest nickle, if it's just a problerm of sounds your probably better 
of just looking at modding the game really, ie, replacing the gun shooting 
and thug sounds with others, ---- or perhaps trying pipe 1 which doesn't 
have the thugs.

Though as I've said before, my personal opinion is pipe 2 is just a game, 
and what is done in it exists only in that game anyway.

Not saying you shouldn't try bgt, only that there are probably easier ways 
to get around this issue than trying to make your own game, ---- which 
afterall won't really be of interest to most people sinse most people will 
just play pipe 2 anyway rather than a game which would be exactly the same 
but for different sounds.

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