Hi Philip,

Smile. Yeah, I think we've discussed this all before. I for one
certainly understand your point of view. Especially, since you are
looking at this from a professional/business point of view rather than
from a personal one.

As I have indicated many times one of the reasons I'm currently
actively porting my G3D engine to Linux is purely personal not
professional. Its personal simply because I'm not really a big fan of
Windows any more, feel that Linux is abetter deal for the blind, and
between my wife and I we have Linux installed on three out of four
computers we own. From that point of view it makes sense, at least for
me, to create a Linux version of my engine and games because I will
personally benifit from the work. The same is not true for someone who
is only a Windows user and never plans to switch to Mac, Linux, etc in
the future.

That said, there is a growing Linux community. Did you by chance look
at the results of the Braillesoft poll? If not you should ask Louis
Bryant for a copy of the final results, because I think you might find
there is some financial insentive for a game developer to at least
look at Linux.

For instance, when I looked at the results, perhaps a month back,
there were about 80 Linux votes to around 136 Windows votes. Obviously
Windows won, and is clearly where most of the money is, but those 80
votes for Linux shouldn't be taken lightly either. If you consider a
single game sold for $30.00 USD and you can sell at least 80 units
that is $2,400.00 USD. That's not great money, but it is $2,400 more
than you had before. So at least for me there is some financial
insentive besides just the personal insentives to consider.


On 5/17/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Bryan is perfectly right. I have no problem going cross platform, but then
> it must be with the certainty that I can make just as much profit from the
> Mac or Linux version as I can from the Windows one. In other words, when
> either Mac OSX or Linux is as widely used by visually impaired users as
> Windows, then I will do a full port. But with the blind gaming community
> being as small as it is, it makes no sense to target minorities within it.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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