Hi Bryan,

Yes, I know. In terms of what platform or OS has the most games
Windows is the clear winner. That's true in the mainstream PC gaming
market as well as the accessible gaming market. Waiting until platform
x has a certain number of users is a bit of a misnomer though, because
it creates a catch 22 situation. Developers won't create software for
Linux and Mac until they are as widely used as Windows, and gamers
won't switch to Mac or Linux until developers begin creating software
for Mac or Linux that they personally want. There really isn't a great
solution for this problem for the blind that I can see.

For the sighted gaming market a third-party company called Transgaming
has created some comercial game emulators like Cider for Mac and
Cedega for Linux which allows mainstream game companies to market
their games on Mac and Linux with only miner changes to their games.
>From what I've read companies like E.A. games and a few others have
teamed up with Transgaming to create ports of their games for Mac and
Linux using Cider and Cedega which has got things moving in the right
direction for non-Windows gamers. Transgaming has really opened up the
Mac and Linux platforms to mainstream companies. However, that doesn't
really work for us.

For one thing our game developers often use proprietary languages like
Visual Basic 6 which Cider and Cedega don't support. Were they written
in C++ using native Windows libraries they could be modified to use
the Cider and Cedega Windows compatibility libraries. Then, there is
the matter of something like Sapi. since Transgaming wasn't
specifically thiniking of accessibility there is nothing like Sapi 5
emulation available for Mac or Linux through Cider or Cedega which
throws another rench into the works. That said, something like BGT
might be able to be modified to run using Cedega and Cider which would
greatly open up the number of games for Mac and Linux. Although, I
don't know what it would cost Philip to use Cider and Cedega as part
of the BGT engine.


On 5/17/11, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I think Philip is hoping to go cross platform at some point. I think the
> main reason he hasn't is because at the moment Windows is still the main
> gaming OS most blind folks use.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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