Hi Thomas,

I can definitely see the catch 22 there, but as you say it is pretty much an impossible situation. I can't go out and buy a Mac just because there may be people switching to Mac OS in the future. Instead I have to try to be economical, which is to stick with the platform or eventually platforms that give the most profit. Indeed Linux has a growing user base, but my primary and certainly initial target if I were to go cross platform would be Mac. This is mainly because I personally prefer Mac to Linux, so there we have the personal factor again.

We will see how things develop, but mark well that I am perfectly open to going cross platform when I feel the time is right.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip,

While I certainly understand the logic behind your decision its
opinions like this which causes something of a catch 22 situation.
Developers, like yourself, are hesitant of developing software for
non-Windows platforms like Mac or Linux simply because they don't
believe there is any financial insentive in it for them. Windows users
who might be looking at switching to Mac or Linux are reluctant to
switch because Mac or Linux may not have all of the applications,
games, etc they are use to on Windows. So while the developer is
thinking to himself I'll wait until x number of people switch to OS x,
the end user is thinking I while wait until developer x produces a Mac
or Linux version of product x and then I'll switch. You can see how
one directly effects the other, and how and why this is a catch 22 for
developer and customer alike.

For instance, I know of a blind friend who was running Windows XP, but
didn't really want to buy a new computer, get Windows 7, upgrade Jaws,
etc. So he asked me about Linux. I told him about Ubuntu 10.04, the
long term support release I recommend to customers, and he seemed
interested. I demonstrated Evolution for e-mail, Openoffice for office
work, Firefox for web browsing, Easy OCR for scanning books, and so
on. I think he was pretty impressed with it until the subject of
accessible games came up,. He asked me what accessible games were out
there for Linux. Is there anything like Tank Commander, Lonewolf,
Troopenum, and a bunch of other games like that? Unfortunately, I had
to tell him truthfully there weren't any accessible games like that
for Linux yet. Immediately he decided on the spot he wasn't interested
in Linux any more.

So you can kind of see where I am coming from as well. Its not so much
Linux is infurior to Windows, but if the apps, games, etc aren't there
customers don't want it. Until customers make that switch to Linux or
Mac more developers aren't going to take notice and produce new
versions of their software for the platform. Classic catch 22


On 5/17/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Bryan is perfectly right. I have no problem going cross platform, but then
it must be with the certainty that I can make just as much profit from the
Mac or Linux version as I can from the Windows one. In other words, when
either Mac OSX or Linux is as widely used by visually impaired users as
Windows, then I will do a full port. But with the blind gaming community
being as small as it is, it makes no sense to target minorities within it.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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