Wow. You've got enough planned game to keep you busy beyond the age of 30! (ornery grin)

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Hi Michael,

Yeah, that's always a possibility of course. I was kind of struck by
something Justin said in his podcast a couple of days ago about how
back in the 80's he was a huge fan of arcade games and that was the
inspiration for games like Troopenum. As someone who was also sighted
during that time period as well I naturally saw that quality in his
games and purchased Troopenum as it was clearly like many of the games
I had played growing up. However, in my own way I'm just now beginning
to follow in Justin's footsteps.

What I mean by that is I too was sighted, have lots of mainstream
gaming experience, and I'm about to bring to the table some new
content that has never been done in audio before. As Charles pointed
out Mysteries of the Ancients 2d and 3d versions are in there own way
as revolutionary to this community as Troopenum or Shades of Doom was
10 years ago. The inspiration, as it were, for MOTA is of course the
Tomb Raider games of the late 90's. USA Raceway, when completed, will
be an accessible game similar to Nascar Thunder. Hopefully it will
live up to some of the other racing games out there like Rail Racer
that admitedly is an excellent racing game in and of itself. Those are
actually only a small collection of games I have in my todo list. I've
got plenty of other ideas I have written down, but haven't mentioned
publically on the list. So you are right, who knows, perhaps games
like that will inspire people to create bigger and better things.

I know as for myself when I started writing games like Mysteries of
the Ancients I was really thinking of getting into the 3d first-person
genre. I still intend to do that, but now that I've been actively
following Star Wars The Old Republic from Bioware online I am getting
interested in perhaps doing an RPG game like that in the future.
Entombed is a great example of how it could be done, but it would be
an extremely long and difficult project to create. Not sure I want to
commit to something that complex and time consuming now that I have an
FPS Engine I can use to crank out games fairly quickly now.  However,
that just gives you an idea of how one idea leads to another.


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