Hi Tom.

i must confess I disagree on the text based rpg suggestion. Entombed is indeed a roguelike game, but there are things entombed cannot do, for instance because you have such a choice of characters and such a random dungeon, you have no character history or plot, not to mention few cutscenes.

This isn't a cryticism, it's just part of the style.

In developement now is Airik, which is far more like Zelda, with it's own unique plot, cutscenes etc.

I personally stil am of the opinion that if the writing, combat system etc were good enough, a sort of extended gamebook in text would indeed sell, afterall Sryth is really the only thing like that in the brouser catagory.

in fact if I ever get to creating a game, it's this sort of thing I'd like to do myself.

While I don't think you could charge as much as entombed, I do think if the game was good enough quality the medium would not matter as much.

yes, music, acting and sounds would all help, but in a game which essentially tells a story and works on a combination of randomization, choice and statistical management to progress that story, the story and it's system is what is paramount.

while I'm all for raised expectations, I don't think we're yet in a situation where you can absolutely say "well this won't work" sinse stil if something is done well enough it can be appreciated.

Look at Q9. If philip had suggested making a basic, 1D superliam style side scroller with a scoring system, the response would've been naaaah!

However, because the games' mechanics were solid, it's sounds extremely good, and it's character rather amusing, it was appreciated despite bucking the trend.

I can't really speak about racing games, sinse other than rail racer I've not really found many that appeal to me, and I wouldn't particularly know the difference betwene a good or bad one, but certainly in the rpg field I'd be sad if nobody attempts any more games because they must be "as good as entombed"

Entombed, while fantastic, is only one example of an accessible rpg. we have almost no others, and in fact rpg's can cover such a range of options, there's no need to emulate what had been done before at all.

I'd personally say, that while arcade games generally need to have something special to succeed these days because of people's expectations, only the space invaders and basic grid puzle genre are completely played out.

Beware the grue!


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