Hi Dark,
That was one of the games I wasn't sure I wanted to convert.
I was thinking it was like the savage gambit.
As for breakout, we had a different format than the current games in that you are moved automatically from left to right and back again.
You hear the state of the bricks in front of you as you move across.
You can fire the ball from your gun.
When the ball hits it disintegrates and knocks out the brick.
Each layer of bricks makes a different sound.
As you knock out bricks, the frequency of the objects gets higher and you move faster left to right.

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Hi Phil.

I'll especially be looking forward to arthur's quest, sinse I've heard those who played it mention good things about the game.

Out of interest is there a specific reason your not converting the kick boxing game? was it real time or turn based? which game is like it?

I'm just interested sinse I can't think of too much we have in that style besides the savage gambit.

Lastly, while I'm not saying you shouldn't convert it, sinse as I've already said more games of one style aren't a bad thing, there is actually another accessible version of breakout besides wrecking ball found at http://www.accessiblewebgames.com/

It is called rebound uses flash, but is self voicing with sapi, and actually is rather fun especially with all the crazy aliens.

The reason I mention this is that with the discussion of old arcade games people might be interested, pluss seeing what another dev has donw might let you think of something different.

then, the gamevial folks would love feedback and encouragement on all of their accessible flash games too.

they actually have made a hole bunch of inaccessible games and came up with the idea of creating accessible ones because they thought vi players should have something to play, but haven't really recieved much feedback, ----- not sinse I personally phoned them anyway as they're based in scotland only about an hour from where I am.

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