Yeah, I'd definitely like the idea of adding custom entrance music to
the game.  It would makeyour character and your openents more unique.
Especially, if you wanted a Rocky type character you could add Eye of
the Tiger, from Rocky, and give him Rocky's unique fighting style and


On 5/31/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> This is deffinately sounding good, though as Thomas and others have said,
> I'll be extremely sorry if Jaws is the only output alternative for the game.
> Personally I'd like a sapi option sinse direct output from programs to Hal
> hasn't really been worked out yet, ---- and anyway i'm quite happy with
> daniel as my default sapi voice in games.
> The opponent editer does sound interesting indeed, though one thing I find
> myself wondering is what happens when you get to the end of the pattern?
> Does it just repeat?
> And is it possible for you to hit opponents while they are speaking?
> Also, while I understand the game will feature a crowd sound to give you an
> idea of how well your punches hit, will there be an option for adding custom
> music to opponents, the way game likes street fighter tekken and virtua
> fighter did. That would be a nice addition to the game.
> Possibly as well you could considder extending the opponent editer to let
> people create tournaments, ie, strings of opponents who must be fought in
> series possibly with a prerecorded ending to finish things off.
> Other than that I'll be interesting to see how things go.
> For a boxer name, sinse your grey matter productions how about mat grey? ;D.
> Though as so much in the game is customizable you might also considder
> having your name be editable, though obviously this won't be possible if
> your planning on opponents that taunt you by name.
> I'll stick some news on audiogames.net about this one sinse I think people
> will be interested in the demo.
> All the best,
> Dark.

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