Hi everyone,
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Hey Dark and Tom,
I'm glad you guys liked the demo. Thanks for the kind words.
The mechanics of the editor, while fleshed out in my mind, are certainly not
all in place at this point. As I mentioned in the demo, I need to add
opponent speech at the very least.
As for your question, Dark, about what happens in a timeline, there are two
things that will be built into the final product. First, each round will
have its own timeline, so you can design opponent behaviors according to
which round they're in. Second, the timeline will contain the ability to
program in custom combos and set them up on a switch. If you want the
opponent to randomly choose between two sets of punch flurries, or if you
want him to adopt a certain behavior depending on his health, that will be
completely doable.
It will be possible to hit an opponent while they're speaking. Just program
an unblock at the same time as you program opponent speech.
I haven't quite figured out how I want custom opponents to fit into the main
game. The goal is to have a set list of opponents that I design, complete
with some crazy behaviors. Defeating all these opponents in sequence earns
you the title belt. After winning the belt, the player can play back through
the same list of opponents, but they'll be much harder to beat. I figure the
custom opponents can be challenged individually, and I could even see a
precedent for setting up a tournament of custom opponents, but I'm not sure
how I feel at this point about players setting up secondary story lines. I
worry that may detract from the main thrust of the game. Still, I won't rule
it out completely. After all, the credit for combos and random switches is
all Che Martin's, and I'm happy to implement it.
Tom mentioned having custom sounds for the various opponents, and that's
something I fully intend to implement. As you noticed during the demo, the
clown taunted the player between the first and second rounds. I want to add
all sorts of things like that: impact sounds, taunts between rounds, intro
speech, in-round taunts, body falls, etc. As for music, I haven't given it
much thought, though I suppose you could just drop in a piece of music at
the beginning of each round timeline if you really wanted.
Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks for the interest. Feel free to let
me know if you have more questions.

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This is deffinately sounding good, though as Thomas and others have said,
I'll be extremely sorry if Jaws is the only output alternative for the game.

Personally I'd like a sapi option sinse direct output from programs to Hal
hasn't really been worked out yet, ---- and anyway i'm quite happy with
daniel as my default sapi voice in games.

The opponent editer does sound interesting indeed, though one thing I find
myself wondering is what happens when you get to the end of the pattern? 
Does it just repeat?

And is it possible for you to hit opponents while they are speaking?

Also, while I understand the game will feature a crowd sound to give you an
idea of how well your punches hit, will there be an option for adding custom
music to opponents, the way game likes street fighter tekken and virtua
fighter did. That would be a nice addition to the game.

Possibly as well you could considder extending the opponent editer to let
people create tournaments, ie, strings of opponents who must be fought in
series possibly with a prerecorded ending to finish things off.

Other than that I'll be interesting to see how things go.

For a boxer name, sinse your grey matter productions how about mat grey? ;D.

Though as so much in the game is customizable you might also considder
having your name be editable, though obviously this won't be possible if
your planning on opponents that taunt you by name.

I'll stick some news on audiogames.net about this one sinse I think people
will be interested in the demo.

All the best,


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