Hi Ryan.

nope I didn't see that message.

It actually sounds like the editer will be more complex than I thought if actually it can do things like making opponents react to affects such as help, sinse I generally thought the editer simply gave a round by round timeline of what happened, this is good, I think it will significantly improve the game and customization.

one Suggestion I have as regards storyline and custom tournaments, is rather as che martin has done with submitted rail racer tracks, allow custom opponents generally, but if someone designs a full tournament ie, long string of opponents pluss ending either make it official or unofficial.

If it is official, it is your guy competing for another title rather the way some wrestlers and boxers will move betwene divisions or weight classes, if unofficial, then mark it as such and should there be any gain from the tournament such as you having a belt, or from a custom opponent by accumulating game stats or getting achievements don't allow the player to gain it unofficially.

This could go both for custom opponents people create, if someone makes a good one who you want to be part of the boxing federation, as well as alternative titles you could compete for.

Having a random or unofficial set could also be useful if people want to kick back and make something completely insane and weerd that doesn't fit in with boxing seriously but might be fun all the same, ---- such as boxing against a character from somewhere else like darth vader, ryu or a dalek, which would be theoretically possible to create with the editer, but obviously not something you'd want as ann official part of the game.

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