And Max Shrapnel? Did he have the best of intentions on that one, too?

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Hi Bryan,

True, but often times this community jumps to the wrong conclusion when they
don't have any evidence to prove their opinions false. Here is a case in

Back in 2005 when James North had  not produced working copies of
Montezuma's Revenge and Raceway there was this huge group of people who said
it was all a scam. That opinion was false as I happen to have the original
source code, written in VB 6, for Raceway and Montezuma's Revenge that
proves he was in deed working on those games as well as his changelog files
etc. From what I seen of reading through his personal notes and such is that
there would be long stretches between updates. He might start working on
something on a Sunday,  stop working on it for a few days, and take up with
it on Friday night.
This looks to me like a man working around a busy schedule rather than
someone who was outright trying to scam people. As to why he would say the
game would be released on x, and turn around and then say it was not ready
I'll never know. All I can say based on his notes is that he was in deed
working on it, but progress was slow and spread out over a haphazard
schedule. If James North had just been more forthcoming about his work
schedule people might have understood, but since he said nothing people
asumed the worst.

Bottom line, I think we could be seeing something very similar. I'm pretty
sure Jake has no intention to scam people. It is more likely there have been
delays, setbacks, he never planned on and regardless of what he says or does
there will be a few people who won't believe a word he says until he
produces the game. If he does produce it I'm also pretty certain his
detracters will not be man or woman enough to apologise for dragging his
name through the mud.


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