Thanks for the info Trouble, I think that pretty much closes the door on the 
free shipping option.  I'll admit, I'm disappointed, but honestly when I 
started the idea of sending out physical items I fully expected to pay for 
shipping.  To get an idea, I put the package specs in to a shipping cost 
estimator and came up with the following 2 estimations.  If I mailed this to 
Nocturnus, in Texas, it estimates a cost of $2.28 with the cheapest option.  
Even this lowest option guessed the package would arrive in about 3 days.  I'm 
quite far across the country in Michigan, so I think this just about represents 
the highest cost to ship to any of the mainland states.  I put in your address 
Dark, and it estimated $7.39 but was unable to guess how long the delivery 
would take.

These shipping estimates are much more reasonable now, compared to when I first 
tried them.  Originally I wasn't far enough along so I didn't have exact 
package dimensions and weight to enter in to the cost estimator.  Apparently 
that helps a lot, because I'm pretty sure I remember seeing estimates twice 
this size.

If I assemble them for free, and only charge for materials, it would add about 
$4 on to the shipping fees.  It is a shame that those who live outside of the 
US would be paying more, but does $6.30 through about $11.40 seem like a low 
enough price that this is worth doing?  My first thoughts would be to charge 
only shipping and materials, and allow people to add in a "tip" if they wanted 
to give me something toward the time of assembling everything, but I don't know 
if that's such a good idea haha.  This would seem like the nicest option, but I 
have a feeling most people would only pay the minimum price.  I guess I don't 
know, so I welcome anyone else's thoughts on this.

Ron brings up an interesting thought.  If he was able to send CDs to other 
blind individuals, does this mean he could have sent this materials out for 
free as well?  I guess I'm just thinking out loud, but I wonder if I could send 
a bunch to someone, who could then turn around and mail them out individually 
for free.

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