Hi Dark,

Oh, cool. Do you have a favorite Dr. Who?

I think my favorite is Tom Baker. I still think he was probably one of
the best. Then again, that's the series I watched most as a kid and
there were some really good shows during that series.  I didn't like
the older DR. Who shows from the 60's because they were in black and
white, and while the shows themselves were good I didn't like anything
that wasn't in color. Especially, when i started losing my eye sight
as it made it harder to see.

As for Star Trek you are right. I'm sure they'd like to make a new
series or whatever, but Enterprise was a flop. I was a huge Star Trek
fan for years, but I just couldn't get into Enterprise that much. It
was ok, but it wasn't as good as Next Gen or Voyager wich were my
favorites. For one thing I wanted to see what happens after TNG, DS9,
and Voyager, and instead they decided to go back to before the classic
series and rewrite history. That sucked. On top of it the plot holes,
continuity, etc just killed it for me.


On 7/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I think part of the decision about the recent trek film was because
> enterprise annoyed a lot of people due to continuity and plothole problems
> and a very silly ending, thus they wanted to remind people of the good days
> of trek really.
> I wasn't keen on startrek nemesis either, ----- for a start they get the
> tune wrong to hms pinafore! ;dD.
> I think trek is a case of capitalism would like to make more, but they need
> to get themselves out of the hole enterprise left them in, and as you
> pointed out, all the other series ran into distinct and final endings.
> Voyager I actualy was sorry finished, sinse after a big dip in series 4-7,
> after 7 of 9 came in (due to the fact that nearly every! plot seemed to be
> resolved with nanoprobes, and nothing really advanced), series 8 was getting
> distinctly good again, ---- but then it finished!
> As to doctor who, well funnily enough it was canceled in 1989 by the bbc
> when i was 7. However, my parents got sky in about 1990, and the channel uk
> gold showed an entire classic story each week, which I watched.
> i've thus seen most episodes of doctors 3-7, (I've missed a few, but seen
> the majority), and have read novels or heard soundtracks of many stories of
> the first two (sinse watching tv in black and white is quite difficult for
> me).
> I've also used http://www.drwhoguide.com/who.htm to read detailed synopses
> of the episodes I've not seen, so I'm pretty up on events.
> I'm not including the big finish audio series or any of the novels in the
> trivia file, sinse that doesn't feel as fair to most people as most people
> probably haven't read them (heck, due to availability in audio I've only
> read a small number of the novels myself).
> As I said, I am pretty much a major doctor who fan, and have been for years.
> I have even been to a convention and met some of the cast.
> I even got to meet nicolas cortney who played the brigadier from 1966 right
> up to the present day, and died last year, which was really quite special.
> this is why though the trivia file is so large! especially sinse I'm tryting
> to include both easy questions and hard ones, so as to give people like
> yourself who have only seen a bit of doctor who at least the chance of
> getting some right.
> beware the grue!
> Dark.

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