Well I can't say things are that much better in this country regarding literacy, in fact a recent survey by the times actually found 90 percent of secondary school children thought Rudyard Kipling was something to do with Kiplings cakes (a popular supermarkit brand of packaged cakes over here), ;D.

I will say though at least we haven't had quite as much politically correct shenanigans with books though.

i actually find it insane that someone can complain of books like huckleberry fin being politically incorrect, when you can switch on the tv and have a black comedian like Chris tucker making some amazingly racist remarks that I! actually find mildly offensive.

Huckleberry fin is actually one of the most quoted books in articals on ethics and emotion, presumably just because Twane new something about people, irrispective of the atitudes of the time he lived in.

Quite often it feels that Hollywood have a list of things which must! be in each film, irrispective of whether they fit or not.

Take lotr, it was as if they said battles, sweeping camera shots, character with anxt!

Aragorn having anxt and not wanting to be king I found completely ludicrous, sinse if you know any of his history at all you'd know he grew up in Rivendell and was pretty much trained to be king anyway.

The idea of Elrond also objecting and being such a git to Arwen marrying aragorn is also really odd, considdering everything had been arranged about 60 years before hand, and considdering that this with the third time such a mariage had happened in the history of the elves, something which is clearly stated even in lotr by Aragorn himself when he tells the hobbits the tale of Beren on weathertop.

Yet, Hollywood decided they needed a character with Anxt, just because it was a standard.

Btw, just as a disclaimer, I use the term "black comedian" here to refer to that style of humour, not necessarily to skin colour. Indeed there are several comedians such as Lenny henry and Even will Smith who don't fall into this at all whatever their skin colour is.

Beware the Grue!


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