Hi Dark,

Lol! Did I say the Twin Towers? My bad I know it is the Two Towers.
I'm losing my mind.

As to your points about the title of the Two Towers and the American
publics opinion of it that again is just another case in point of how
uneducated the general public is. The fact someone asked, "who is this
Tolkien guy anyway, ---- you'd think he wasn't even american," shows
really how stupid or uneducated some people can be. First, he wasn't
an American, and second, he wrote the book clear back in the 1940's.
Sheesh, I sware some people have no brains any more.

However, I hate to be canded, but some people are just down right
illiterate.  People now days are so use to watching television etc
that very few people actually sit down and read books these days. As a
result the general population is becoming less and less literate, and
unaware of things they should know. I remember reading somewhere about
the U.S. department of education did a survey on various things, math,
reading, etc and most high school students actually failed the test on
litature and didn't recognize famous authors like Edgar Allen Poe,
Jack London, or Mark Twain  let alone what they wrote. That's
disgraceful in my opinion. Those are American classics and people
don't know about them!

I guess that has been my gripe with the Harry Potter books. Don't get
me wrong I like them, they are good books, but every child knows who
J. K. Rowling is, what she wrote, but high school students can't tell
the Department of Education  who Mark Twain was. That's nuts. Then
again, that might be because Mark Twain's books aren't politically
correct, and some parents have tried to get them band from school
libraries because of certain racial slang there in.

As for Tolkien writing his books as history rather than fantasy I
definitely see that. His books are very good, precisely because they
are written as a historical narative rather than  in the present
tense. In my opinion the Lord of the Rings is right up there in the
ranks of the Iliad and Odyssey when it comes to laying down historical
naratives set in a fantasy setting. That style of book or story has
its own unique style that draws you into the storyline. When they
convert them to movies they ruin the plot by dumbing it down for the

As you said its like taking a real historical event and adding a bunch
of extra stuff to it to make it more interesting which ruins it for
the historical purest. They have in fact done that a number of times.
I'm not sure if you remember but about four or five years ago they
came out with a new Pearl Harbor movie with a fictional plot. They
didn't stick to history, and made up their own story very loosely
based on the historical event. I didn't like the movie because if I go
to see a movie about Pearl Harbor I expect it to be historically
accurate not a fictional story. Yet, some yahoos in holliwood thought
it would be a good idea to change events to suit the movie.


On 7/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> As an amusing point tom, you ctually justified my lotr statement by
> referring to the 2nd film as "the twin towers"
> Because of shear bad luck the film came out only a couple of years after
> september the eleventh, and a lot of americans were irritated at the title
> "the two towers" even though it had nothing to do with the world trade
> center (I remember reading one artical at the time where one extremely angry
> American crytic asked "who is this tolkien guy anyway, ---- you'd think he
> wasn't even american!" ;D).
> This is why, though the title of the film wasn't changed, in a lot of
> promotional material, interviews etc they referd to it as "the twin towers"
> which is not correct according to what tolkien wrote back in the 1940's at
> all.
> As to It and harry potter I totally agree.
> The only potter film I thought came even close to the book is Prisoner of
> Ascaban, and that was more because of it's dark, gothic atmosphere which
> replaced Cris Columbus' shiny, happy directing that just didn't fit the
> Potter world at all, ---- even aside from plot manglings.
> with lotr though for me the situation is worse. As The encyclopedia of Arda
> said, Tolkien himself didn't think of what he did as writing fantasy, he
> thought of it as writing history which just happened to be untrue.
> thus, Lotr is a historical novel set around the bakcground of a fully
> documented and well accounted war. As such, monkeying with the events is not
> just a case of hollywood dumming down things for the public and sticking in
> lots of extra action scenes for no good reason, it's actually more like
> having a novel about the second world war and suddenly deciding to stick in
> lots of holywoodisms, extra battles, more heroic characters etc.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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