Hi Tom.

it's just that kind of thing I've heard about enterprise that puts me off actually paying money for the series, especially sinse it's pretty obvious this was just a case of "woopse! didn't watch the source material carefully enough!"

Afterall, if the borg really had been summoned in Enterprise, ---- why did it take them so long just to get to system j25, when they can apparently get all the way from their home sector to Alpha quadrent within only a couple of years, especially with their transwarp technology.

For original trek though, I could accept the costumes, bad effects etc, ---- even lots of the old dr. who stuff I like looks pretty dated now, it's more the atittudes plots and how the series works overall.

Have you ever seen that sketch where Kirk is sitting on the bridge and says "for the next mission the away team will comprise myself, Mr. spok, Dr. maccoy, Lt ohura, Mr. Scot and crewman jones" where upon the crewman starts screaming "nooooo! I'm too young to die!" ;D.

The problem was, this really did! happen in original trek rather too often, as opposed to tng where there is if my memory serves me an entire episode where a crew member dies on an away mission and warf and various others try to cope with her death.

This is what I mean. Where as from the tng era starfleet is something with morals I can respect, going by Kirk it seems most of the ethics of starfleet are to punch jaws and love and leave innumerable alien ladies! ;D.

This is why i can have fun with original trek, but really can't take it too seriously as an actual piece of sf as I can with later series.

Beware the grue!


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