Hi Dark,

Well, keep in mind that the original series was produced on a shoe
string budget. Back in the 1960's nobody thought Star Trek would
become a big name production. At the time Star Trek was just one of
several sci-fi series being shown along with Lost in Space, Voyage to
the Bottom of the Sea, Dr. Who, and so on. In other words people
thought it was going to be a short term production.

Interesting enough there is a letter in one of the Star Trek books
written by either Michael Jan Freidman or Peter David showing a letter
they got from CBS when they asked why they canceled the original show.
CBS said, "Star Trek was losing interest among their viewing audience,
and in a few years it would be forgotten about and replaced by some
other sci-fi show." I'm sure CBS is now sorry they sold the rights to
Paramount  Pictures who of course produced all 11 movies and four new
television series making millions off the Star Trek series when CBS
thought it would be dead and forgotten about. Lol!

Anyway, you are right about the original series. Kirk was a risk
taker, and seemed like he'd sooner shoot first and ask questions
later. What Picard would have called "cowboy diplomacy." I suppose
that was to give the series a more action packed feel to make up for
the cheesy special effects and costumes of the time. I'm sure they
were probably great in the 1960's, but once you seen Next Generation
and beyond the 1960 Star Trek seems very dated in comparison. That
said, they have an all new remastered version of the shows on blue ray
where they went in and digitally remastered the classic Trek shows to
look fairly modern.

Which I think this is what contributed to why I didn't like Star Trek
Enterprise. With Next Gen it takes place about 80 years after Star
Trek VI, and of course the special effects, costumes,  and technology
was so much more advanced as you would expect after a transition like
that. DS9 picked up the story starting in TNG season 6, and Voyager
started around DS9 season 4 or so. In other words they continued in
succession one after another advancing the story technology etc. Then,
Paramount pulls a stupid move and comes up with Enterprise which takes
place before the classic series. They wanted to bring back the classic
feel so replicated the classic Star Trek uniforms, phasers,
communicators, etc which I thought were pretty silly looking after
TNG, and to add to insult the bridge set looked like something off of
Voyager. In other words the special effects, costumes, and design  was
a horrible clash between old classic Trek and modern Trek series, and
it was suppose to take place before the original Enterprise with Kirk.
Everyone was put off by the way it was done, and didn't like this
clash between old and new tech. They would have just been better off
continuing on after Voyager and DS9 with a new Enterprise or a
different ship altogether.

Here is a case in point. Now, we know the Borg, the ultimate bad guys,
we first encounter them in TNG, but Paramount decided to slip them
into the Enterprise series rewriting history as we know it. According
to Star Trek Enterprise when Captain Picard, who hasn't even been born
yet, shoots down the Borg in Star Trek First Contact the Borg sphere
crash lands in antartica. Well, Captain Archer and the crew of the
original Enterprise discover this crashed Borg ship, bring a Borg
onboard to study it, and the Borg  try to take over the ship. The Borg
manage  to send a signal to the Borg fleet in the delta quadrant where
upon the Enterprise NCC 1701-D, Picard's crew, encounter them in Q Who
because of events in Star Trek Enterprise. Now, that might fit except
in Q Who, when Q brings the Enterprise and Borg together for the first
time, neither the Borg or the Federation are aware of each other. Thus
the  revised storyline doesn't fit. Otherwise Star Fleet would have
been working their butt off to meet the threat. That's just the kind
of storylines Enterprise is known for in order to bring bad guys etc
into the series the Federation hasn't officially met yet and so on. I
personally didn't like the way they handled the series because of
historical plot changes like that.


On 7/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> as far as trek series go, well Enterprise is one I've not seen only heard
> of.
> I watched most of tng and a good bit of ds9 and the first few series of
> voyager on sky 1, but I seemed to miss enterprise.
> Though I've now got the three other series on dvd, I hesitate from buying
> enterprise sinse I've just never met anyone with a good word to say about
> it, and I deffinately don't like the sound of those plotholes.
> If I can ever find a comparatively cheap service who wrent series on dvd
> I'll look at getting it that way.
> Like you, I'd much rather see something later, after voyager and ds9 than
> just a rehash.
> Oh, and when it comes to the originals with captain kirk, I've seen many
> episodes and actually also read all the novelizations by JAmes blisch (who
> is a great sf writer in his own right and has captured the spirit of the
> series fantastically well).
> I must confess though that's a series I don't wan to buy on dvd, sinse
> unlike 1960's dr. who I just find it a litle too commically dated to be
> really watchable.
> What I mean is, yes, if I watch dr. who from the 60's or 70's I have to put
> my genda equality responses on ice, but in startrek it's not just that.
> The endless supply of expendable enterprise red shirts, Kirk's ability to
> defeat any alien by punching it in the jaw (that's one of james' blisch's
> best phrases), and the wonderful way the supposedly pieceful federation
> ships seem to attack first quite a lot of the time.
> Needless to say, this was all a matter of the time the series was written,
> and these things were well fixed in Next gen which is why next gen is my
> favourite trek series, but for some reason I just can't get past them to
> enjoy original trek as scifi.
> It's rolocking good fun, but not something I'd sit down and watch for
> serious scifi.
> Beware the grue!
> dark.

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