Hi Tom.

Well I have three favourite doctors really. john pertwee, the sardonic, elegant and slightly self obsessed 3rd doctor.

anyone who can ko a guard with a bottle of wine, then complain about it being such a good vintage gets my vote ;D.

Colin baker, the loud, random and abrasive 6th doctor. I think I appreciate him because undernieth his sometimes irritable exteria, there's a genuinely warm person, which is not a sense I got with allo of the other doctors.

Interestingly enough, he's the one doctor I've met in real life and comes across much the same way.

finally, david Tenant. After the awfulness of eclston, ---- 'm sorry, but the doctor wearing leather, being useless and spouting about his anxt was imho the lowest point of the show, Tenant reallly! pulled it together.

clever, manic, highly emotinal with lots of charisma self obsessive streak that actually finally kills him.

One thing I will say though, is i've found listening to the big finish audio plays, that some of the doctor's who I didn't particualrly like on tv I'm now getting an appreciation for, especially silvester mccoy and Peter davison.

What big finish are doing in terms of plot and characters with the past doctors is great, it's just a shame tom baker can't be persuaded to join them.

I must confess I never warmed to Tom myself. he just seemed all comedy and not much else, and for me, I prefer the doctor to be a litle more complex. I admit though, it's a while sinse I've seen any of the tom baker adventures.

the black and white ones are as I said equally troublesome for me, but audios and synopses have been good there.

Beware the grue!


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