Technically, good morning everyone, it's 4:30am for me.  I've just posted 
version 0.9b which has a handful of changes and fixes.  For one, thanks to 
Dark, doctors should no longer seem so useless.  As it turned out, a typo 
caused doctors to sometimes try to cure the same person that was already being 
cured by someone else.  Rather than speeding up the healing process, this just 
made the repeating doctor useless.

Stocking the ship used to be considered a lower priority by the AI.  The reason 
for this, was so that peasants wouldn't carry literally everything off to the 
ship, leaving your people with nothing to eat in the tavern!  Clearly, based on 
posts, this isn't working very well, so I've made stocking the ship a high 
priority to the AI.  This should make a considerable difference, just be ready 
to use the open and close feature (backspace) if they start draining your 
supplies as they stock the ship.

I've included Hatred's building guide within the official castaways zip file.

Whenever you start a new game, a filed called Messagelog.txt will contain a 
copy of the messages that have displayed.  Just in case this ends up being 
useful to someone.

Holding Shift, and pressing ` (tilde, next to the number 1 key) will open the 
messages menu.  From here, you can cycle through the different job types, and 
either mute, or un mute them.  This still needs to be adjusted to add more 
customizing, but I want people to give this a try so I can get some feedback.

Oh yes, and I hid a special message in the game.  Look at the last message in 
the "How to play" section.

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