I'm definitely going to use your idea Dark.  Those of you who have been playing 
Castaways multiplayer, have probably already noticed that the welcome message 
thanks Mr. Viktor Kratz for sponsoring the day.

Determining an exact cost is tricky, simply because I lack the equipment to 
measure the energy costs, but I have some pretty good estimates.  I already had 
all of the parts, in my basement, to put together a dedicated server.  I have 
no problem running that server 24/7 as long as I can afford to pay for the 
electricity.  Now I know what you're thinking, how much could it Possibly! cost 
just to keep a computer tower running in your basement?!  And, how could that 
be something you worry about affording?!  Well, lol, if you've ever heard me 
mention I'm poor, I wasn't exaggerating Hahaha!  With the power costs in my 
area, and the average estimations for what this hardware draws, it will cost 
between $0.30 and $0.60 per day to run.  That's pretty cheap, but that extra 
$10 to $20 on my monthly electric bill would put me over budget.  When you take 
paypal fees, and the 80 cent maximum range into consideration, I think it's 
pretty safe to say that each $1
 donation covers the server for 1 to 2 days.

Please let me know what you guys think of this idea, but my plan was to take 
each new donation, and have it mark days on a calendar showing the days that 
particular person had paid for.  When people sign in to the multiplayer game, 
they will see who funded the entertainment they are having for that day.  It 
might be a nice way to thank those people who are supporting things.  The only 
down side, is that with this system, some people can donate but not see their 
name for months!  The next, unpaid, days could be a ways down the road.  Any 

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