A more selective distribution would certainly help, but we could never really 
eradicate the risk.  The first people we tell, can tell people they know, and 
those can tell people they know.  It is just something we have to be cautious 
about.  I'll repeat something I said to Nocturnus yesterday, because I think it 
will fit well here.

Picking up a hitchhiker on the side of the road is a risk, but it doesn't 
necessarily mean people will find your corpse the next day.  Sometimes all 
that's happened, is you've helped out someone in need, and life goes on.  If 
you continue to regularly pick up hitchhikers however, you are increasing your 
odds that eventually you're picking up some crazy murderous nut.  As soon as 
you run in to one, that could be the end for you.

I've been told that some people in the blind community like to cause trouble, 
but Especially! in the mainstream world, you run in to people who like nothing 
better than to crush games for the thrill of it.  These are the kinds of people 
who will take great pride, and put forth great effort if needed, to keep a 
game's servers from working, intercepting and infecting people who visit its 
website, and if it Is! still able to function, they will cheat, spam, and 
harass people to no end.  I have seen neat little games run into the ground by 
these types of people, and I've seen larger companies fighting a constant 
battle to stay on top of it.  We just can't afford to let even one of those 
kinds of people in here.  Our current defense is just being so unknown.  We 
simply aren't a target, yet.

One day it absolutely will! happen, and honestly I don't think we can be ready 
for it.  As I've seen countless times in the mainstream world, if adjust our 
security to combat them, all we've done is provided them with another 
challenge.  These people Like! the thrill of breaking something, and it is more 
fun to destroy a group that is trying to avoid it.  I can only guess, this is 
the same difference between shooting at a stationary or a moving target.  One 
is harder, but more fun because of it.

I can't say how much I hate writing this post, if it crushes the dream of even 
1 person here.  The goal of blending the blind and mainstream gaming worlds has 
clearly been a constant dream among the people here.  A huge part of me would 
like to keep a blending from occurring, to keep this community hidden for as 
long as possible, but I won't let myself take that stance.  We all take up 
roles in whatever group, society, team we join, and in this community I've 
already decided I want to help give the people what they! want, so I will push 
in whichever direction you guys want!  If you want this game to start bringing 
in sighted players, I almost guarantee I'll make it happen.  Actually, I should 
say, myself and Hatred, will make that happen lol.

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