Not to seem like I'm taking any particular side, but I think the most important 
aspect to consider is comfort.  The languages clearly have their own set of 
advantages and disadvantages, and each developer has their own way of judging 
which of those is most important, but at the end of the day, I believe a 
developer should go with whatever makes them most comfortable.

We hear that regarding work all of the time, "do what makes you happy".  People 
push themselves into career that they hate, in search of the most money, or 
social acceptance, but they might be miserable!  If you have money, or 
acceptance, but are unhappy, really what was the point?

A programmer could change the language they use, in search of more efficiency, 
or a programmer could change the language they use, in search of faster 
development speeds, but if they aren't as comfortable using that language, 
their quality of work will diminish simply because their heart is no longer in 
what they are doing.  It has become more work than fun... more mechanical than 
art.  I can only imagine that Thomas is comfortable using his chosen language, 
for the specific projects he is working on, so in a subjective sense, he Is! 
using the best language for the job!

I think just about all developers change up their tools as they take on 
different projects. I do anyway.  But we should never underestimate the impact 
of being unhappy with the tools you're using.  Go with what makes you happy.  :)

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