Agreed. I rarely if ever beat Lord Vector himself. I can get through
the standard levels well enough, but if I make it to him with one or
two lives remaining he kills me with one or two bombs, and game over.
Just a wee bit too difficult for my tastes.

On 7/24/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Beaten no.
> the furthest I've got on insane was level 11 I believe.
> I will say though, Lord vector is pretty insane anyway on whatever!
> difficulty.
> While I like the idea of a boss, I do think Bsc might've rethought him a
> bit. First, when dealing with his shields, the sound of the shields is so
> loud it's difficult to here where the ships to shoot are, and frequently
> three have landed and lost me a life before I've heard them. Then, his bombs
> are waaaaaaay too harsh in a game where you will have at most four or five
> lives, especially when he starts dropping two or three at a time.
> On easy and normal imho, the bombs should count as ships landed, not entire
> lives, or else be possible to shoot out of the air like Ather's shots in
> Judgement day.
> I've frequently found myself getting to vector with four lives, losing one
> to his ships, and then losing the other three! to his bombs.
> thus, for difficulty, i reallyt hink vector needs to be thought about as
> well as the levels, sinse certainly whenever I've played on normal
> difficulty it's been vector who kills me!
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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