It isn't super realistic, or efficient, but this is how the do things in order 
to keep the game balanced how it currently is.  When a lumber jack cuts logs, 
or a stone mason cuts bricks, those are carried directly to the storehouse, no 
matter where those resources will wind up next.  So the lumberjack might 
actually carry logs past the sawmill just to drop them off at the storehouse, 
where a peasant then must carry it back to the saw mill to be cut into lumber.  
I know not everyone will like that it works that way, but it is necessary for 
the current balance of the game, to sometimes create a little more work for the 
peasants.  I hope this information helps.

> does lumberjacks carry the logs they
> cut to the store house first, and then 
> relying on peasants to carry them to the soremill for the
> carpenters, or do 
> lumberjacks carry the logs to soremills directly. and for
> the bricks that 
> the masons make, will they have to be transported to the
> store house by 
> peasants as well?

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