The upgraded builder is just like a normal builder, except he works 30 percent 
faster.  That might not seem like much, but if you had 3 upgraded people for a 
job, it's almost like getting a 4th person free, which you don't have to feed 

The upgradable jobs are peasant, stone mason, cook, bartender, builder, hunter, 
and fisherman.

> Hi,
> just wondering, what do new professions do, such as
> architects? are they designers?
> I upgraded a builder to one, but he didn't seem to do
> anything.
> also, I had one builder who I couldn't make change jobs, it
> said he had been specially trained.
> I was only able to get the monks to start working, when I
> closed down everything, so all the peasants could do was go
> to the textile, until then my monks didn't do anything.
> which other jobs can be upgraded apart from the builder?

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