All of the jobs, except cook and bartender, get a 30 percent boost to their 
speed.  Fisherman get the extra fish that they catch.  The advantage that the 
cook and bartender get, is that they actually give people an extra energy bonus 
as they feed them.  It isn't a huge difference, but anyone fed by an upgraded 
cook or bartender receive 15 extra energy.

> Hi Jeremy,
> You wrote:
> The upgradable jobs are peasant, stone mason, cook,
> bartender, builder, 
> hunter, and fisherman.
> end quote
> If it isn't too much trouble, would you please let me know
> what happens to 
> each character when a tome is used on it? I know you said
> each one gets some 
> type of perk, but what exactly that perk is would be
> appreciated.
> You've already said that the peasant gets upgraded to a
> serf. Which means he 
> just works 30% faster.
> A fisherman works 30% faster, plus catches more fish.
> But what about the other ones?
> Thanks.
> Rich 

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