hi jeremy and all.

made a few discoveries in castaways, and got a few suggestions to make the 
game better.

i realise that the whole settlement can just survive on meat alone. i don't 
have to produce anything else as long as i have sufficient hunters and 
boother to keep up the meat supplies. i won't be surprise if if i were to be 
able to do the same for bread or vegetables as well, as in, just letting my 
population live on just 1 type of food alone. but of course, for the sake of 
the game, because we'll be needing things like cloth for example, i can 
simply just let everyone live on meat alone and forget about other food 
types, until i reach the time when i have to stock the ship. for mission 2 i 
won't have  any worries at all. i think this kind of spoils the game a 
little as it makes the management of man power much easier if u get my 
meaning. i would like to suggest that, maybe when there is no vegetables for 
the population to eat for a certain amount of time, the disease rate should 
start to increase due to the lack of fibre which comes from vegetables. like 
wise, when there's no bread, which contains carbohydrates, the working speed 
of the population will start to drop after a certain amount of time without 
bread. as for no wine, maybe no wine means no night life and no 
entertainment and socialising, so life gets too boring for the population 
and as a result of that, the quality of work decreases?

i personally feel that being able to survive on 1 type of food is as good as 
not living at all! lol! boring life!!! no mood for work eating the same food 
day in day out. no balance of diet! hahahaha. what do the rest think? hope u 
guys can understand what i am getting at. *smile* 

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