Hi Dark,

Well, like I said before it all comes down to how we choose to use the
technology. If you subscribe to only professional news feeds you'll
find you won't have a bunch of junk. If you choose to add someone's
personal feed then you get whatever he or she wants to post, and you
are right. A lot of the personal feeds are sadly about stupid stuff
like what someone ate for breakfast or something else equally

Truth be told, that's one reason I myself don't use Facebook and
Twitter so much these days. When I signed up, got an account, and
began getting personal news from my friends and family I discovered
most of it was pretty ordinary stuff that I didn't really have much
interest in reading. One of my former girl friends from high school,
for example, only wanted to post stuff on how last nights prayer
meeting went, or that she got her hair redone at the beautitions and
would anyone comment on her new photo. In between those comments there
were messages like "I just woke up and will be on all day" or "I've
got to drop the kids off at school and I'll be back in about an hour."
Although, I like said person reading her posts got to be very dull and
boring because what she had to say was of very little interest to me
personally. So you do get a lot of that from ordinary people on
Facebook and Twitter. The solution is to simply remove them from your
account and keep only the people or companies that post news worthy or
interesting posts.


On 8/5/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> that's very true when it comes to wrestling or a given company, but it often
> seems a lot of individuals, even those who do interesting stuff otherwise do
> put a lot of rubbish on their feeds.
> i for instance know several authors of great podcast fiction which I
> regularly download and listen to, but if you read their blogs, only about a
> quarter is related to their books and other work, and from what I've heard
> twitter feeds are worse.
> As I said, okay if your really social and sort of generally interested in
> someone's everyday life, but to be brutally honest not me.
> Then there are the follow and friend fanatics, people who just seem to spend
> most of their time trying to get millions and millions of friends or
> followers.
> i may well have to look into twitter if more companies go for it, though i
> probably will use it only in a limited way even then.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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