That's true guys, when I was laying out the game I assumed that drinking water 
would fall into the category of micro managed things that are assumed to be 
done by your people.  I suppose the general term "wine" used in the game is 
less accurate to what your castaways people are probably drinking.  As Dark 
said, people of that time tended to add a little alcohol to water in an effort 
to sterilize it.  In many places the diluted drink was still referred to as 
wine, even though it wouldn't be considered so by today's standards.

I agree that it would be neat to balance another vital resource, drinking 
water, but I'm reluctant to mess with anything so low on the chain.  The 
balance of the game would be thrown for a loop, and I doubt it would be worth 
the trouble to get right. 

> Hi Tom.
> no offense, but actually in medeval society people rarely
> drank streight water, though they did use it for irrigating
> fields, watering crops, doing laundry etc.
> Actually though, a standard medeval breakfast would be
> gruel, and a pint of small beer, or very weak ale (the
> grieks drank wine for the same reason), sinse deseases like
> cholera, Disentry, viles desease etc can all be got from
> drinking unpurified water, but are all killed when water is
> used to ferment licker.
> Tea was also drunk, though not as much in the west as in
> Asian countries (one reason why people of European descent
> often have a genetically higher tolerance for alcohol than
> people of Eastern descent).
> As I said to Phil, I think fetching water for various tasks
> is generally part of the micro management and personal life
> of each person that everyone does for him/her self but the
> player doesn't manage, though possibly water based desasters
> could be included later.
> As regards the facts on drinking, well I'm afraid that
> while doing my degree I did several modules on history of
> medicine, so this sort of thing is right up my alley, and in
> fact yesterday I just came back from visiting Iam, a small
> village in Darbishire that was the only place outside london
> to get the plague in the 17th centurey, ----- now there!
> would be a cool mission for castaways, designating your
> peasants dig plague pits to bury corpses, and making some
> herbalists to try and find herbs to counter the desease
> which obviously your miracle working doctors would have
> trouble dealing with.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark. 

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