Ok guys, it's been forever but here is the next update!

Version 1.6b has been posted.  There are a few little changes, but 1 really big 
change.  Mission 3 is now added, and it proves to be a much bigger challenge 
than either of the other missions.

- The butcher has been adjusted again.  Normal butchers are 66% successful at 
salvaging animal furs, and upgraded master butchers are 100% successful.

- Animal farms produce 4 animals, but now also give you an extra 4 free animal 
furs even if you don't have a butcher!  This is credited to the domesticated 
animals being occasionally sheered for their coats.

- I fixed the glitch that caused doctors to not always work as well as they 
were supposed to.

- I believe I have fixed the vanishing yarn bug.

- Various stability fixes have been added, and a few minor glitches were ironed 

- Weavers and peasants spinning yarn now finish their jobs twice as fast as 
they used to.

- Stocking the hospital with bandages is a higher priority now than it used to 

- Upgraded stone masons now have a 25% chance to bring back twice as many 
bricks on that trip.

- Lumberjacks can now be upgraded with the tomes to become woodsmen.  Woodsmen 
perform their jobs 30% faster and also have a 25% chance to bring back twice as 
many logs on that trip.

- Miners can now be upgraded with the tomes to become prospectors.  Prospectors 
perform their jobs 30% faster and also have a 25% chance to bring back twice as 
much metal ore on that trip.

- Doctors can now be upgraded with the tomes to become physicians.  Physicians 
heal their patients twice as fast as normal Doctors.

- The Dog food fault has been adjusted to make it more dangerous.  Many people 
said it was barely even noticeable before, so that should be fixed now.

- Not all of the new buildings have the proper artwork finished yet.  This 
won't affect anything, but it is worth mentioning.

Mission 3 has been added finally!  In mission 3, you will finally be rid of the 
nasty goblins and yetti.  Of course you will face a new, smarter, and more 
powerful enemy.  Other humans representing other nations will work to destroy 

The stables are a new building, that allow you to raise horses to be used in 
the training of cavalry.  These mounted troops are faster on the battlefield 
than any other type of soldier in your army.

Walls can be built to help defend your settlement against the rival troops.  
Once walls are constructed, enemy soldiers can not attack them and will be 
forced to travel around them.  If, for example, you built a wall between 2 
forest tiles, it would force the enemies to walk all of the way around to find 
a new way to enter the settlement.  Slowing down the enemies helps buy you more 
time to kill off the invaders before they burn down your city.

The Buildingguide.txt and jobs guide.rtf files have been updated with the new 
upgrades, buildings, and job types.
If you are interested in an audio walkthrough of the game, Nocturnus created 
one and it can be found here:


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