Hi Dark,

Python is Python regardless if it is embedded in a program as a
scriptable module or you write the next version of Shades of Doom. The
language and sintax carry over from program to program although the
classes and ffunctions available might be different. However, the same
basic rules apply.

However, as I said Python is not too bad. You can usually enabled tab
indentation in a screen reader like NVDA or Window-Eyes and it will
tell you if a line is indented one, two, or three tabs. I never use a
braille display any more myself except when its late at night and I
want to review something in piece and quiet. The only advantage with a
braille display is you can feel the indention rather than hearing the
screen reader blab every tab position at the beginning of every line.
I will say that gets to be a bit annoying. Especially, if I have a
really nested statement, and NVDA does something like tab, tab, tab,
tab for several tabs when I'd rather it just say x number of tabs and
be done with it. However, it can be done easy enough.


On 8/18/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well hal will let you know the number of tabs before a line and possibly
> more if I muck about with the detection settings (it's not a feature I use
> much).
> The problem with relying upon a braille display is only some people have
> them because they're prohibitively expensive.
> i looked at getting one at one stage, but couldn't afford the price tag
> annoyingly, and anyway now that synth voices are good enough to listen to it
> makes the idea of a braille display less necessary for most things.
> i think Jason's idea is to have scripts based upon Python people can modify,
> rather than python itself, so as to keep things easier for the end user, so
> how complex the indentation will get I'm not sure.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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