Hi Dark,

Yes, Python is accessible although slightly more difficult for a blind
person to use. Unlike other programming languages Python requires
formatting and indention instead of braces, brackets, and alike to
seperate sections of code. If a blind user is unaware of how to
properly format the code or can't see to line things up properly that
can cause some nasty problems for the developer. There are however
work arounds for the problem.

The solution I use is NVDA. The programmer who wrote NVDA wrote it in
Python, and writes all of his apps in Python. Naturally, since he
himself is a Python programmer NVDA has the ability to sspeak
tabs/line indentions which makes lining up blocks of Python code a
breeze. I suppose other screen readers can do this too, but NVDA just
happens to be the tool I use for the job.

The other solution is to use a braille display. Braille displays have
long been the programmers primary tool for coding because you can
actually feel the line indentions, etc and determine if things are
aligned properly.

So, yeah, Python is accessible. It does help though if the screen
reader will speak line indentions or number of tabs etc. You can tell
just by looking at the formatting if this is an inner or outer block
of code. Quite helpful with working with if-else conditional
statements, loops, etc which may have several inner blocks and
statements nested inside each other.


On 8/17/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> By shear coincidence this actually ties in to a recent discussion on the
> entombbed list.
> Jason is speculating (ie, no official announcement yet so people don't start
> getting over excited), about creating another entombed game but with more
> stable code and some of the elements we've wanted in the previous game.
> One of his thoughts, is actually creating a scripting engine to handle
> player based contributions such as extra monsters, abilities, character
> classes etc.
> he was asking whether python was an accessible programming language for
> visually impared people to use and whether it would be the good basis of
> such scripting.
> obviously from your example, the answer is a distinct yes.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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