well I finally got past those barrels on level 1, and am enjoying the game thus 

possibly spoilery below. 

Level 2 was much as I actually imagined any 2d move ledge section in a 
platformer like the airman jumps from mega man to work in audio, with sounds 
for the various moving ledges as they move that the player has to caluclate 
distance betwen. Three was tough until I worked out that I was supposed to 
center the sound of the chimps, rather than their projectiles. 

I also liked the variety of chimp slaughtering sounds there, it made the level 
much more fun ;D. 

Level five was sort of amusing, and now I'm on level 6 in the underground maze. 

I really liek the way different areas are marked out by different litle bits of 
nes music, which gives a distinct sense of background and progress, however I 
must admit there are a couple of basic audio maze navigation commands that I'm 
rather missing, namely a way to tell what direction your facing, and possibly 
an ability to speak your coordinates. 

I'm certainly not stuck, and will enjoy exploring the maze, but if Jim's 
planning on any other maze exploration type of games in future along these 
lines (something which would be fun), I'd like to see at least these commands 
added, just to give the player a bit more information, especially for people 
who's ability to streight out mental map isn't as good (I wound up turning back 
the way I faced and dying in a river I'd already crossed which wasn't good).

I certainly like the use of audio landmarks etc, but perhaps these commands 
could be added, especially as I said, if Jim is thinking of doing something 
else with a maze next, perhaps a hole game of them. 

All the best, 

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