Hi Dark,

In Master Mind and level 5 of Awesome Homer I usually do 1 1 2 2, then 3 3 4 4, 
then 5 5 6 6.  Of course some times the results change that, but that is how I 
usually start.  I liked your logic though and will have to try that a few times.


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Hi Mich.

I'm afraid the combination is simply jim's mastermind game (you can play the game in it's own right by downloading it from jim's site).

the combination changes each time I believe, You just need to use logic to work it out by being told what is in the right place and what isn't.

so I started with 1 1 1 1, and was told one number was correct and in the right place.

I then tried 1 2 2 2 , and could be certain that one number would be correct sinse it had a 1, if there were anymore it'd be a 2.

As it happened I was told that 1 was right and in the right place, so I knew that first number was 1.

i then tried 1 3 3 3 and was told two were right and in right place, so I knew one of those last three numbers wa s a3.

I then tried 1 3 4 4 and was told one was right and right place (the one), and one right in wrong place, so I knew the second number wasn't 3, and also that the combination didn't contain fours.

I then tried 1 5 3 5 and was told I had two right in right place and two right in wrong place. sinse I knew the 1 was right and one of the fives was right, the three must go at the end, thus the combination turned out to be 1 5 5 3.

As I said, to practice this sort of logic, just get jim's mastermind game and play it a few times.


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