Yeah, I understand where you are coming from. However, it is
unrealistic for a community our size and with one or two man
operations. Its not possible for a single indi developer to crank out
anything remotely as advanced or complex as Final Fantasy. Although,
it might be possible to create something on a smaller scale.

Its one thing for a single developer to spend a year or two writing
say 50,000 lines of code and quite another for a company who can hire
fully trained teams of specialists who can crank out millions of lines
a code per year. That's in part why there is no Final Fantasy or
Galaxy Civilization games for the VI audio games community. No one is
willing to spend the 5 to 10 years it will take to produce a single
game on that level. Certainly not me.

Unfortunately, its not a simple case of getting all the VI game
developers together to  do it. We all use different programming
languages, different development tools, and are pretty individual on
how we do things.

For instance, I consider myself primarily a C++ developer. David
Greenwood from GMA is a Visual Basic 6 programmer. For us to be able
to colaberate on a project one of us would have to switch programming
languages just to get started unless we picked a tool like the GMA
Engine which I feel is out of date considering Visual Basic 6 is no
longer supported on Windows 7 or on the Windows 8 beta.

This doesn't even count the potential for cross-platform design and
certain areas of game development I've been researching for quite some
time. As most VI game developers are Windows only users we could
hardly agree if one developer uses a Mac, another uses Linux, and all
the rest use Windows. Who's platform takes priority?

Anyway, what I'm saying is its not practical. You need a dedicated
team with similar skills, similar level of training, same programming
language, tools, operating system, etc in order to pull off a project
like Final Fantasy. The VI audio game developers just do not have
those resources to speak of.

As for using Gamebooks for game ideas its a matter of copyrights.
Anything and everything game related is copyrighted. You can only use
a game story and characters if the author or company who produces that
work gives you written permission, or that it is within the fair use
terms of the copyright laws. Otherwise using a copyrighted work
without permission can end up getting you fined, sued, or at the very
least hastled by the copyright holder. So its generally not good
practice to go around steeling someone's work.

I will say, however, that I've been working on writing documents here
and there for a potential RPG game. It is an audio/text adventure,
but as I've got many other things on my plate it could be a very very
long time before I actually work on it if at all. I've borrowed some
design elements from Entombed, but is a text adventure type game more
like Sryth with several cities, individual quests, and lots of weapons
and armor combinations.


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