You shouldn't be able to hear zombies through walls, or at least they should be 
very very muffled.  I agree that switching weapons is currently very 
inconvenient so I plan to move some things around.  Your suggestion for putting 
them on the number keys actually makes the most sense especially since that is 
the common mainstream way of doing it.  I guess if I've taken the stance to 
make this game closely match mainstream controls, I should be doing the same 
thing with weapons haha.

Storing the music settings is also something I plan to have fixed for the next 

> Hi.
> Ok. Here are my thoughts on the game after playing it for 2
> days.  I've
> gotten pretty good at gunning down zombies and staying
> alive for the most
> part.  The thing that throws me off is that you can
> hear zombies through
> walls. This makes it really hard to know if you can shoot
> at them without
> wasting ammo. Also. It might be good to move the beacons to
> the function
> keys and move weapons to the numbers row for quick access.
> i.e. ax 1 pistil
> 2.... What do others think? also, if you turn the music off
> when you start
> the game it needs to stay that way.  And we need some
> good environmental
> sounds too. Maybe  I can help with sounds.
> Well guess that's all for now.  Back to blasting
> zombies.
> Darren Duff.

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