Hi Dark,

Well, I just talked to Dolphin support today and while they don't have
any issue with me using the API it apparently is under a NDA type
license. Therefore they are going to send me some forms to fill out
including a non-disclosure agreement before I get to see the
documentation, headers, and libraries. So, yeah, they are treating
this API like top secret information. Personally, I'm not so sure what
Dolphin is worried about.

So far the APIs for the various screen readers are very very simple.
Take the JFW API for exampl here. If I want to send some text to Jaws
I need to include jfwapi.h and jfwapi.lib to a Visual C++ application
and use the JFWSayString() function. To silence/stop speech use
JFWStopSpeech(). There is nothing there to be secretive about. So why
is Freedom Sientific treating it like proprietary top secret

GW Micro on the other hand has been very cooperative and helpful
today. They gave me some links to their developer resources, gave me a
link to get the Window-Eyes SDK, and pointed me to some source
examples. Great! That's exactly the kind of response I expect to get
from a screen reader developer. Especially, since its their job to
insure Windows applications are A, accessible, and B, works with their
screen reader. Being all proprietary and secretive like Dolphin and
Freedom Scientific are being is a good reason why a developer might
choose not to support their screen reader and customers.

NV Access---as I mentioned yesterday--is similarly cooperative and
helpful. In fact, NVDA was the first screen reader the G3D Engine
fully supported just because the information and help was there from
the start. NVDA is open source so there is no NDA agreements to sign,
no proprietary information to gard, and nothing to be secretive about.
Everything is right there in the open and the developer is available
for assistance if needed. No wonder NVDA is becoming the most popular
screen reader next to Jaws. Besides being free and open source I'm
finding it is very easy to support either directly or via Python
modules. That's a totally different approach to what the commercial
screen readers are doing which inhibits accessibility through
proprietary and exclusive licenses in my opinion.


On 11/1/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Well I'm hoping that the supernova api won't be that! secret, sinse I have
> pointed out to dolphin that it is necessary to get this support going in
> Supernova as well.
> Hopefully they'll release it soon, but we'll see.
> Beware the gRue!
> Dark.

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